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Free USPS Priority Mail On All Orders!

About us

Sport with style

Be your passion, live your style

We are a global retailer for trendy athletic footwear and apparel, represented in 30 countries worldwide. Carrying some of the world’s most renowned brands, we believe in making our customers the athletes of their passion, and put more style into their game.

So whether you want to run around the city, hang out at the mall or stand out in the coolest clubs, we offer the widest selection of stylish, athletic-inspired footwear at our 530 stores all over the world. This includes the very latest color ranges of only the best sports shoes alongside exclusive limited edition styles and emerging niche brands. We also have a line of hip yet individualistic apparel to let you add that final touch to your look.

If sport is what you need and style is what you desire, then The Athlete’s Foot is where it’s at.

Our stores

Vintage feel, modern look

The Athlete’s Foot stores were designed to capture a pre-digital, traditional shopping experience that brings people back to the stores and allows them to interact with casual everyday products and brands firsthand.

Our customers are defined as active, digitally minded, globally oriented and fashion aware. This is aligned with the atmosphere our stores create and the service provided by our staff – displaying a passion for our products, knowledge of what is current and a sense of style.

The store interiors embody a vintage feel that is still modern and modular. The open and inviting space is lined with backlit shoe walls to keep the focus on the product while alluding to the hip attitude of vinyl record stores. It features unfinished wood paneling on the walls to give that “organized mess” feel and fresh vibe.

Many of our stores include:
  • A DJ booth as the checkout point
  • A runway display to showcase new trends and styles
  • Campaign walls with key visuals and messages

Our story

One company, great strides

In 1971, Robert and David Lando opened the first The Athlete's Foot store in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Back then, it was the first athletic footwear specialty store of its kind in the United States. It later became the world's first franchisor of athletic footwear, with over 200 domestic stores by 1978. That same year, the striving American chain went international, opening a store in Adelaide, Australia.

A world leader

Today, The Athlete’s Foot is still recognized as one of the world’s leaders in athletic footwear, continuing its legacy and commitment to proper fit and quality customer service. In 2012, The Athlete’s Foot was acquired by INTERSPORT International Corp. (IIC), based in Switzerland. The Athlete’s Foot continues to grow, and is opening even more stores in more countries every year. As it grows, it continues to empower people everywhere to embrace their very own sport with style.